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Hello and welcome to the website for Merryfields Cattery!

We are a family-run cattery which operates from our home in Chorley, near Lichfield. The cattery has been running for 10 years now, and we have a bounty of experience in providing the utmost attention and care for your furry family member.

Our pens are clean and modern and we're sure your cat will be comfortable in a luxury bed with heated pads for winter warmth. Everything is catered and managed on-site, so your cat will get everything it needs to be comfortable and happy whenever it requires.

We have twelve general use pens which can house between one and five cats each, and an additional hospital pen separate from the rest where a cat can be held if necessary.

We promise our guests will be looked after like our own cat, with cuddles food and contact throughout the day, and a smiling face to greet them at the door.

- Lizzy Boylan, cattery owner

What's New?

From January 1st 2023 prices at the cattery will be £9 per night for individual cats and £15 for two cats together. If you bring your own food the price per night is still £1 less per cat.

Merryfields Cattery now caters for guinea pigs too! We can look after your little pets just the same as we can with your feline ones, but in a custom-built hutch in a separate area.

Your guinea pigs can stay at the the farm for £3.00 per animal a night. If you're interested in keeping your guinea pigs with us then please contact in the normal way, using one of the phone numbers or email address provided on the 'Contact' part of this site.

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